Speaking out about scientology

I started this blog back in 2011 and it’s undergone a few revisions and evolutions and looks a little bare at the moment. I will change that. There have been times when I seriously questioned being so vulnerable on the internet and then I remembered my purpose in doing so. And that is to let others know they are not alone, and expose the abuses.

The unspeakable cruelty that scientology (I will never capitalise it in text other than the start of a sentence or call it a ‘church’) silently inflicts on so many and especially the children and families who unknowingly get caught in it’s web, needs to be known about.

Back in 2006 I took my first hesitant step away from being “under the radar” for decades and posted anonymously on Scientology – Through the Door. There are 326 interviews there, I can’t remember which number is mine. I was terrified I would be identified and yet those first words printed on a screen gave me a sense of liberation that is hard to describe. Then I spent a decade posting on the Ex Scientologists Message Board  gradually making sense of my tangled thoughts, leaving behind the fear and confusion we start with when leaving the bubble. It’s been a hell of a journey.

It is a truly a very scary thing to stand up to and speak about scientology. You know that you will lose any family and friends who are still under it’s influence and if you are deemed important enough there is a big possibility of ‘fair game’ as well. Scientology is now well known for putting up smear sites, articles and videos on anyone who appears on the wonderful series Leah Remini:Scientology and the Aftermath as well as others they deem a threat to their “PR”.

Yet the worst thing they do is continue the disgusting practice of ‘disconnection’ on anyone who speaks out, while denying it exists. Families are destroyed, sometimes for generations, parents weep at the loss of their children and grandchildren, children weep at the loss of parents and friends. It is shadow boxing with lies and manipulation in a truly horrifying way, and knowing and experiencing this is what keeps me speaking out. My heart aches with the pain families experience.

Scientology denies everything that is an expose of the real mindset and actions and this very denial is what will eventually bring about it’s demise. Truth does shine through, courage speaks to the heart and I salute every person who has reached out with that courage to make the truth known. There are so many now, it’s a wonderful thing to see.

And for those who cannot yet speak – just know you are not alone, it just feels that way until you take that first step.

2 thoughts on “Speaking out about scientology”

  1. Our whole existence (physical body, physical universe, forced associations) is about a slave/master relationship at one level or another.
    We live in a parasitic manipulating paradigm. Scientology was suppose to free us from that but instead drove many people further down into it who continued on long after their first realization that Scientology was a cult with cult like control over people. Humans are vulnerable to mind control and slavery. It is hard to get outside once one is inside.
    I did a lot of processing on ‘separate out’ and ‘move to the outside’. We get caught up inside these oppressive frameworks and until there is a realization of it that is where we stay. The reason is that we begin to vibrate at the as same frequency as the trap. We become the trap through matching frequencies. One gets out of the trap when one begins to recognize it for what it is. The recognition releases the frequency and the bond that keeps us in a semi-aware state inside the trap.
    Ultimately it is all about not being a victim and creating ones own destiny rather than Scientology or some other kind of manipulating force choosing a destiny for you.


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