3 thoughts on “A Message about Disconnection”

  1. People are not in fear of walking out of Scientology, they are in fear of not being let back in once they are out. The cycle of lives is like a treadmill of sorts being played out over and over again. Holding hands and spending time with your family members really does not do anything to resolve that. There are people out there who are getting tired of being recycled.


      1. The Church of Scientology is way too controling. No doubt about that. Even as public it is way too kind to call the registrars a mere irritation. They are really unbearable without screen calling or an unlisted number. If you do that you can leave at the end of any completed course. Bascially you are viewed as can’t be reached and disconnection of any kind does not come to play. If you leave in the middle of any action you are just asking for trouble. The nice thing about Scientology is that if you have an understanding of the Tech and an E-meter you do not need them anymore. Just put out an intention and locate the origin of the counter intention to basic. Just about any known information you want can be found on the internet. Information not known you can find out for yourself with and E-meter. The key is you have to be a well trained auditor and then you do not really need the Church anymore. The key is complete your course, get an unlisted number, and do not talk to anyone in Scientology about Scientology except for “good roads, good weather”. Otherwise you are asking for trouble with friends and family members. That is the reality and it is not likely to change.


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